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03 Dec 2018

Bekal Fort

Bekal fort is situated, Around 16 km toward the south of northernmost area in Kerala, Kasaragod, lies the huge Bekal Fort. It is among the greatest fortresses in Kerala and has been perfectly kept up consistently. It ascends to 130 feet above ocean level and is arranged on a headland spreading over 35km. Much exertion has been put to build up a lovely shoreline here called the Bekal Fort Beach. Individuals rush to these spots in incredible numbers. Arranged easily on soak slopes by the ocean, the post accommodates an impressive view from the shoreline. Fabricated utilizing laterite pieces and with a polygonal shape, it is among the most visited destinations in Kerala. 

There are numerous elements that have added to the fame of the site. A perception tower fitted with excellent peepholes, the Anjaneya Temple with its popular brick work and two Theyyam models worked from laterite are among the essential attractions. An antiquated mosque worked by Tipu Sultan and different underground ways are likewise imperative places in the region. A stone garden was assembled utilizing laterite in the stopping territory and is a structural wonder in itself. Trees have been planted on the shoreline alongside the development of a mind blowing walkway which makes it simpler to cross the shoreline and make the most of its sights. During the evening, the whole place is lit up with exceptional lights that add a radical new measurement to its magnificence. 

Visiting Hours: 08:00 - 18:00 hrs