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19 Jul 2018

Nithyananda Ashram

Situated on the hillock from south of Hosdurg in Kanhangad is the sacred ashram worked by Swami Nityananda, Nityananda Ashram. A place for unwinding, the place was a piece of a timberland region and here Swami Nityananda built 43 guhas (blessed holes) in a mountain slant. These hollows are thought to be a designing wonder even right up 'til the present time and pull in a large number of individuals from everywhere throughout the world. There is a sanctuary inside the ashram, constructed like the well known Lord Krishna sanctuary in Gujarat-Somanath Temple. A big statue of Swami Nityananda in sitting position made of panchaloha is another vitality for the ashram.

Kanhangad is all around associated with streets, trains, and Airlines. National Highway 17 goes around one kilometer far from Kanhangad Ashram. 
The closest railroad station is Kanhangad, around 3 km Closest airplane terminal is Mangalore global air terminal in Karnataka, around 80 km; Karipur is around 180 km from Kanhangad.