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1st January 2024 to 31st March 2025
Houseboat Type Deluxe Premium Luxury
1 Bedroom House boat Rs. 9,500 /- Rs. 12,000 /- Rs. 15,000 /-
2 Bedroom House boat Rs. 14,000 /- Rs. 18,000 /- Rs. 22,000 /-
3 Bedroom Houseboat Rs. 20,500 /- Rs. 24,000 /- Rs. 30,000 /-
4 Bedroom Houseboat Rs. 29,000 /- Rs. 32,000 /- Rs. 40,000 /
5 Bedroom Houseboat Rs. 36,000 /- Rs. 40,000 /- On Demand


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Dec 20 to Jan 5 we have the hike of 30%

Additional Person up to 5 Years Free

6-12 Years Rs. 769/-per person per night

Above 12 Years Rs. 1539/-per person per night

All the above rates are for 1 night and are inclusive taxes and lunch, dinner& breakfast (fixed menu)

Meal Plan:-(Veg /Non veg) special menu etc should be informed during the time of booking.

No transfers are included in the above rate.

Check in time: 12.30 pm, Check out time: 9.30 am.

Management is not responsible for late arrivals and check out time will be followed as per Schedule

Usage of fans should be restricted to the night only as they work on battery. (Usage during day may exhaust the power supply.)

Air conditioner in the bedrooms will be ON only from 09 pm to 07 am.

In case of Air Conditioner breakdown, deluxe houseboat Tariff will be charged

In premium houseboat , A/c will be round the clock, extra person charge will be Rs. 2052/- Day cruise with lunch, tea & Snacks (3-4) Hours for 2 pax

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