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05 Sep 2018


Vazhachal, one of the chief cascades of the entrancing southern india state kerala, is a pearl. Together with Athirapalli, Vazhachal makes a festoon of cascades embellishing the Chalakuddy waterway in the town of Chalakuddy. This ethereal lies at a separation of unimportant 5kms shape Athirapalli and helpfully falls inside the east chalakuddy purview. It stands enhancing the powerful Sholayar go at 1000 ft tallness. On the edge of this cliff lies these to spell-bouncing cascades Vazhachal and Athirapally. In spite of the fact that athirapally is viewed as the biggest cascade in this southern state Vazhachal isn't a long ways behind. With its rainforest appeal and wellspring of spouting white streams Vazhachal is speaks to the quintessential Malabar. Straight out from E. M. Forster's Passage to India. The western ghats releases is magnificence here with a tremendous scope of untamed life and widely varied vegetation. These makes Vazhachal a significant considerable area of Nature Lovers, Photographers and Wildlife Enthusiasts. Like Athirapalli, Vazhachal too is very popular as an excursion spot. Its generally quiet calm atmosphere and tranquil regular magnificence makes it a decent cookout spot.

Around 5 kms before Athirapally, the current surges down through rough grades, much like a speeding train hustling down slants. Aggregate power made by water differentiates the conciliating forests and still mountains out of sight. Divergent yet altogether agreeable, water scene at Vazhachal is neither a pony tail fall nor a course. The even stream of shallow waters may show up significantly enticing to get into, be careful, and fend off definitely. Several passings have just happened and security is extraordinary these days. Incredible grand excellence alone makes Vazhachal one of the best vacation spots of Thrissur. The cascade is found 68 kms from Thrissur town.