Faq Section


1. Should I choose a day cruise or an overnight cruise?

Ans: Choosing day cruise or overnight cruise depends on your budget and the style of vacation you are planning. On day cruises you get to watch many activities and visit several places of interest. Overnight cruises are very romantic and you can be alone in the backwater paradise. Many houseboats allow overnight stay along with day cruises. Such boats include meals, bedrooms and other amenities. However, by 5:30 pm all boats would be anchored in the backwaters for the night.

2. How to hire a houseboat?

Ans: You should book in advance through the website or through tour operators offering houseboat services. Spot booking can also be done but there are chances that you might end up having to pay a higher price on demand. You can choose houseboats based on your budget and learn about all the amenities inside the boat, itinerary of the boat ride and others, before making the payment.

3. Are houseboats safe?

The houseboats are completely safe for families, couples and even solo travelers. The houseboats crew are always available for the guests for any help. Guests can enjoy complete privacy and security during their stay. The houseboats carry safety equipment such as life-jackets, fire-extinguishers, etc.

4. Is advance booking necessary and how can I clear my payments later?

Yes, to avoid unavailability, price variation, delay in cruise advance booking is necessary. On arrival while you search for a houseboat, you may deal with unauthorized persons resulting in high rates and compromising in the service and quality of the houseboat. This is to assure that your booking is genuine and we can go ahead with the reservations. The rest of the due amount can be paid at the check in time.

5. Do we get the same houseboat shown in the photos?

Yes, we will provide exactly the same houseboat shown in the photos. As part of maintenance, may be the furniture/household equipment were changed or relocated

6. Is a parking facility available?

Yes, there is a prepaid parking area available near the boat boarding point.

7. Do you serve alcoholic drinks?

No, You can bring your own alcoholic drinks with a bill from a Government authorized shop.

8. Does the AC in houseboats work only at night?

Generally ac in the deluxe houseboat works from 9pm to next day 6am. But, there are expensive Premium and luxury boats which operate AC during full time.

9. Is a Houseboat cruise available in the monsoon season?

Yes. The houseboats operate during Monsoon. But if it’s pouring heavily, a houseboat cruise will not be possible.

10. For foreign travelers, is a visa an important factor?

Yes, a Visa is a must to enter India for Foreign nationals. You can contact the Indian Embassy / High Commission in your country for the same. It is best to carry your passport with you all the time. You may also carry travel insurance.

11. Is vegetarian food serviceable in houseboats?

Yes. Pure Vegetarian food is available.

12. Whether the food is unlimited?

Food is prepared based on no. of adults and children in the group.

13. Who all will be there in the Houseboat other than the guest?

There would be 03 crew members in the houseboat. The Captain, Oarsmen, and a cook would accompany the guest. They are also given special training in first aid and life saving techniques to meet if any emergency arises.

14. Is it safe to swim in the lake?

Swimming in the lakes is strictly prohibited.

15. How many bedrooms are available in the houseboat?

Private boats are available from 1 bedroom to 10 bedrooms. Can be selected as per the no. of persons and your wish.