Anandashram (English interpretation = "Home Bliss") is a spiritual retreat situated in Kanhangad, a city and a region in Kasaragod locale in the Indian province of Kerala. Anandashram was established by Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai, additionally called Papa Ramdas and Pujya Mataji, in 1931. Anandashram has situated at an intersection on the national parkway roughly 5 km from the city of Kanhangad in Kasaragod area, Kerala. Visitors to the Ashram amid the early many years of its establishing portray a perspective of the Arabian Sea to one side and an immense valley before the Ashram. The perspectives have since been shut out by the trees that were planted on what had been a fruitless slope and by the development of the town of Kanhangad. Around the season of India's autonomy, guests talk about a tough ride in a bullock truck through a scantily populated wide open from the Kanhangad railroad station to achieve Anandashram. Today, the Ashram adjoins a bustling street with shops and healing facilities and is adjusted by neighborhood and long-separate transports; it takes around 15 minutes via auto or auto-rickshaw (tuk) to achieve the rail line station. The closest air terminal is in Mangalore, which is two hours away (by street or rail) from the Ashram. 

Swami Ramdas trusted that at one time the Manjapati slope was secured by a thick woods in which sadhus and sannyasins performed severities. It was likewise trusted that the slope had been the site of a sanctuary and a tank. Anandashram is near Nityanandashram, set up by Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, and to Guruvanam, somewhere else of significance in the life of Bhagavan Nityananda. 
The ashram has a specialty for reflection amidst green fields Swami Ramdas once in a while utilized "Anandashram" as a similitude. He once wrote in a letter to a companion: "Ramdas repeats with a holy person who shouts out, "Delight - dependably Joy". In any case, where is this satisfaction? Is it in the Ashram or in the core of the Ashramite? Or on the other hand, in the core of the one, who has turned himself to the unfading wellspring of happiness inside oneself? Verily, Anandashram is in your own heart; Anandashram, the joyful articulation of God, which is the whole universe, is truly inside of you."