Found 60 km from the Thrissur locale of Kerala, Athirapally Falls is a sublime course of foamy waters that advances from the Anamudi heaps of the Western Ghats. This 80 ft high and 330 ft wide wonder is arranged at the passage of the Sholayar goes and is regularly alluded to as the "Niagara Falls of India". From here, the Athirapally falls moves through the verdant greenery of Vazhachal Forest toward the Arabian Sea, making an awesome vista of glittering water, emerald wildernesses and sky blue sky.

When you land in Athirapally, you are invited with seeing charming green Sholayar Peaks peering over the flooding spout of the falls. Remaining against the setting of a stirring wilderness foliage, the landscape is as pleasant as it can get. Winged creature darlings can't miss this place, for it is the main place in the Western Ghats where four imperiled Hornbill species are seen. There is a pool over the falls where you can unwind and loosen up. To get a perspective of the cascade, one needs to get down from the mountain for around 100 meters.

Another fascinating truth to note is that the fall unites with the Chalakkudy stream before achieving its last goal into the ocean. Attributable to its grand magnificence, it is a standout amongst the most famous outing spots in Kerala. There are two or three water amusement stops while in transit to Athirappilly called Silver Storm and Dream World and numerous resorts also.