Kottappuram one among the backwater goal in Kerala, that is moreover alluded to as "Valiyaparamba backwaters". Kottappuram is found forty klicks south of Kasargod, a segment of Nileshwar district. The closest city is Nileshwar. Kottappuram is known for attractions which draw extensive quantities of visitors, which incorporate wandering waterways and serene shorelines. The extension over the stream generally denotes its northern limit. The waterways, Tejaswini and Nileshwar, meet a short separation away before spilling together into the ocean at Thaikadappuram. The closest shoreline is at Thaikadappuram. A little angling is found near the estuary. The energizing backwater goals of Alappuzha and Kumarakom however now Kottappuram houseboat at Tejaswini River additionally Marked with a decent House pontoon benefit add pride and eminence to our substantive travel and tourism space. Valiyaparamba Backwater cruising is without a doubt a heavenly ordeal of one's lifetime. A voyage on board the greater part of our tasteful and exquisite house watercraft enjoyably enrolls amazing perspectives of the magnificent territory of the backwater, vacillating transitory flying creatures, and the palm-bordered rancher and angler towns in their enchanting, subtle schedule. Relevantly, our houseboat is lavishly constructed bearing the best of world principles in the cruising makes a domain. It is extremely perfect for a family excursion, conferences, meetings, gatherings, and wedding trip occasions. For a special first night, couples houseboat occasions resemble dream occasion in Kerala.