The abundance of nature is a gift to Kerala: its shorelines, slope stations, untamed life holds, back waters, and so on just draws in voyagers around the globe. Individuals can't have a quieting background when the spots are excessively swarmed, henceforth it is better, making it impossible to attempt some unexplored goals.Nelliyampathy is one of the unexplored incline stations in Kerala, that holds its flawless condition. Nelliyampathy is arranged around 62km from Palakkad in Kerala. As you travel from Palakkad, you will be joined by tall trees and a vibe of town life. Promote the ghat segment with a couple of clasp twists, high elevation streets going through the espresso homes and tea manors is a visual treat.

The beautiful scenes, relatively void lanes, huge trees with substantial honeycombs, tunes of winged creatures and creepy crawlies and little mountain streams welcome the voyagers. Additionally a biker's heaven, Nelliyampathy is a standout amongst the most lovely and lesser known slope stations under Kerala tourism. There are numerous vacationer puts around the slope station and one ought to have more opportunity to investigate them. Trekking to Kesavan Para(rock) is incredibly enchanting in light of the way that tourists need to experience the thick greenery and the view from the best is dazzling.