Tejaswini waterway is the fringe that partitions Kannur and Kasargod into two. Stream Tejaswini, likewise called as Kariamkode Puzha, starts from the Brahmagiri Hills (in Coorg) enters Kerala close Pulingome. It moves through Neeleswaram which gives a noteworthy piece of water for the energizing common Valiyaparamba Backwaters (Kavvayi Backwaters) and makes it to be the best in Kerala. Read more about north Kerala Backwater tourism.The longest wooden hanging span is over Tejaswini that associates Kannur to Kasargod.

The primary concern that separate the North Kerala Backwaters from the Southern Kerala Backwaters is, the mixing of backwoods excellence with the backwaters is just accessible in the Northern part. Southern zones backwaters are encompassed by towns, however in Northern part, its all encompassed by the greenery of Wild woodland. The hints of winged animals, cool wind, little islands with uncommon types of butterflies and plants makes the Northern Kerala Backwaters truly outstanding in classification. The individuals who think backwaters are just in Alappuzha, if it's not too much trouble visit no less than ones, and change your opinion...!