Guruvanam (Guru's Forest) is 5 Kms from the primary Swami Nithyananda Ashram and is situated in a territory loaded with trees and green vegetation. Swami Nithyananda did his first Tapas/long medicine at this place which was situated in a wilderness possessed by wild creatures, harmful snakes and thick trees. In those days there was no accessibility of water here. Swamiji is accepted to have hit a stone here with his hand, making a sudden spout of water from this desolate rough slope. Water has been spilling out of that place from that point onward. This flood of water named Papanashini Ganga is right now gathered into a pool tank. Right up 'til the present time, a huge number of enthusiasts visit this place and accept this as thirtha. It is trusted that many Siddha's had lived and assumed Mahasamadhi at this position. Swami ji additionally made a hover of eight stones called Ashta Siddha here to celebrate their commitments. At exhibit there is a sanctuary developed in this area in recognition of Swamiji.This place is just couple of kilometers from the Historical Bekal Fort.