Kalpathy Agraharam or the Brahmin Village is a standout amongst the most remarkable highlights of Palakkad. It was as of late given the status of being the 'Primary Heritage Village' of Kerala. The Vishwanathaswamy Temple is situated on the southern banks of waterway Kalpathy and is around 3 km from Palakkad. The sanctuary, committed to Lord Shiva in 1425, is definitely not a tremendous structure, in any case it has a gigantic flagpole which is put to great use amid the yearly Chariot celebration. 

The celebration of Kalpathy Ratholsavam, an enormous group puller, proceeds for seven days and has individuals rivaling each other to pull the carefully decorated chariot expected to be made holy by the nearness of Lord Shiva. On normal days, the sanctuary is open from 5 to 11.30 am and after that from 5 to 7.30 pm. Separation between Palakkad to Alappuzha. The airborne separation from Palakkad to Alappuzha is 148 km while the street remove between Palakkad to Alappuzha is 188 km.By Train it is 208 Km. There is/are 11 coordinate train(s) from Palakkad to Alappuzha.