Kavvayi is a social event of little islands, close Payyannur in the Kannur territory of Kerala state in India. The island is associated with Payyannur by a little extension on the Kavvayi River. The populace is for the most part Muslim. Kavvayi is encompassed by little islands called Kadappuram, which straightforwardly confront the Arabian ocean. Access to these little islands is just by little pontoons or conventional thonis. These islands are getting to be littler in size, and occupants have been moving to cities. The Kavvayi Backwater, situated close Payyannur, is the third biggest backwaters in Kerala and the biggest one in north Kerala. Privately called as Kavvayi Kayal or the backwaters of Kavvayi, this lesser known pool of northern Kerala is encouraged by five streams viz. Kavvayi used to be an inland port and a noteworthy managerial focus amid the previous hundreds of years and amid British East India Company rule. The Kavvayi lake is dabbed with a few little and huge islands, Valiyaparamba island is the greatest among them and it extends more than 16 km2. The northern segment of Kavvayi lake is otherwise called Valiyaparamba backwaters. This Island has a populace of 10000. The island's primary wellspring of salary originate from agribusiness and angling. A detached shoreline named Valiyaparamba shoreline runs parallel to the backwaters on its western side. Houseboat servicing in Tejaswini River, located just 20kms away from Bekal.Kavvayi river is a part of Tejaswini.