Kumarakom - Backwater Paradise 

Kumarakom is a serene sight, situated close to the town of Kottayam. Not at all like numerous other places of interest, this is a bundle of fun, experience, and serenity. Kumarakom backwaters houseboat ride will be a fabulous chance to visit this fairyland in its maximum capacity. Domestic flying creatures, as well as a great many transitory winged creatures visit Kumarakom fowl santury. Watching the aggregate of transient marvels flying over the southern sky is to be sure ideal shot. Since Kumarakom backwater visit is directed in the biggest crisp water lake in India, you will have the capacity to taste some heavenly new water angle formulas. 

Individuals visit this dazzling spot for the view, as well as for its neighborhood food and additionally fun angling. All the Kumarakom backwater bundles incorporate angling and cooking. You can get the fish from the quiet lake, and private culinary experts will be there on the vessel to cook it new. Atmosphere of this area is superbly adjusted. It is neither excessively hot nor as well cool. This ever-wonderful atmosphere is the fundamental motivation behind why Kumarakom backwater visit prospers all as the year progressed. One day visit probably won't be sufficient to see and appreciate the new culture of Kerala and the characteristic magnificence of its new water lakes. 


Kumarakom backwater day journey contains locate seeings, for example, Pathiramanal island. The excellence of this little island and its rich biological framework will blow your mind. Kumarakom backwater bundles are accessible at moderate rates. Despite the fact that, spring is considered as the best season here, Monsoon gives some uncommon encounters. You can look through this site to discover numerous reasonable visit bundles. Kumarakom backwater bundle cost is low here, contrasting and other visitor organizations