Ramakkalmedu is a slope station situated in the Idukki District. It is arranged on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu state fringe and is home to various attractions, for example, the Periyar Tiger Forest, Munnar, Kuttikanam, Parunthumpara and zest ranches. The name of this site is a blend of the three words 'Smash', 'Kal' and 'Medu', which means Lord Rama, shake and land, individually. It is trusted that Lord Rama visited this place when he was hunting down his better half Sita, who was kidnapped by the ruler of Lanka, Ravana. Amid his inquiry, Lord Rama set foot on the tallest shake to search for Sita. This same shake was named as Ramakkal, which in the end came to be known as Ramakkalmedu.

This place additionally gives excellent perspectives of the sun ascending in the eastern slopes and setting on the western mountains. The mountains found contiguous the site are encompassed by thick evergreen timberlands that fill in as a characteristic natural surroundings to different winged creatures and creatures. It is recorded that the breeze impact of this site is the most extreme in Asia as the breeze blasts into the slopes at a fast and at high weight. The normal speed of the breeze is around 25 km/hour. Arranged at an elevation of around 3560 ft from the ocean level, the zone is prevalent for trekking, climbing, paragliding and outdoors.