The Silent valley National Park is very mainstream in the territory of Kerala, it being one among those that are immaculate by the progression of time. Its land disengagement guarantees that the zone stays uninhabited and keeps on safeguarding the widely varied vegetation that house it. Guests inspire consent to investigate a restricted zone and medium-term stay is discouraged.Special authorization should be looked for from the Wildlife Warden for this reason. The recreation center is situated on the Kundali Hills of Western Ghats , 65 km north east of Palakkad.
It is intriguing to take note of how Silent Valley National stop got its name. Despite the fact that wealthy in biodiversity with considerable widely varied vegetation, the nonappearance of cicadas is exceptionally noticeable at the recreation center. Most likely that is the reason this center territory of Nilgiri Biosphere got its name, Silent Valley. 

You can see the River Kunti diving from a height of 2000 meters above ocean level, 200 types of butterflies, 150 types of winged animals, 128 types of insects and 16 endemic flying creature assortments at the recreation center. The most noted part of River Kunti is that it never turns dinky, yet stays perfect and new all year through.