As the name proposes, Arakkal Museum is about the Arakkal family, the main Muslim imperial family in Kerala. The Arakkal family was going by the matron where the ruler was tended to 'Arakkal Beevi' and the lord was called 'Ali Raja'. There are numerous accounts related with the Arakkal family however the one that is a most loved with the nearby is of Ali sparing the little girl of Chirakkal Raja, who consequently got his girl wedded to the poor hireling bound by a unique neighborhood custom.

The castle's Durbar Hall presently houses the historical center. It is a fortune place of fascinating curios having a place with the rajas. On display are the Arakkal family seal, imperial furniture, weapons utilized amid wars, cookware utilized in the kitchen, and so on. In plain view are additionally phone and telescope utilized in the Arakkal Palace. The exhibition hall does not look much great from the outside until the point when you enter and see things of the illustrious time passed by. Open each day with the exception of Monday (10 am to 5:30 pm), the exhibition hall charges an ostensible section expense.