The shimmering, emerald green water spotted with the whites and pinks of water lilies, the coconut trees influencing in the cool, ocean breeze, the green stretches of paddy fields on either sides, the herds of ducks swimming about apathetically, and the long necks of cormorants obvious out of the surface of water. Regardless of the amount one endeavors to portray it, no words can ever really catch the genuine magnificence of the backwaters of Alleppey. You need to see it to trust it. Notwithstanding characteristic magnificence, the backwaters are likewise a standout amongst the most amazing spots to visit in Alleppey for birdwatching. There are different intends to get the best understanding of the backwaters of Alleppey. 

These are rich cabins coasting on water that give one every one of the offices possible. You can book a private houseboat for a medium-term stay and ride like eminence over the waters while your own one of a kind unique gourmet expert spoils you with delectable assortments of credible South Indian suppers cooked on the vessel itself. The houseboat is a great choice for those wishing to spend the whole day in peace and unwinding, and seeing the heavenly evening time around the backwaters, a sight excessively excellent, making it impossible to miss.