Paithalmala is a slope station in the Kannur region of Kerala in India. The situated close Pottenplave town, at a tallness of 1372 m above ocean level, this is the most elevated geographic crest in Kannur. It is situated at 40 km from Taliparamba and 65 km from Kannur. Settled in the Kerala Karnataka fringe close to Kodagu timberlands, it lies in the Western Ghats. It has turned into a most loved spot for the nature lovers, picture takers, trekkers and relaxed guests.

There are two trekking seasons at Paithalmala, falling in storm and summer. Storm (June to October) trekking to Paithalmala is a picture taker's enjoyment as the fog covers the slopes and timberland. One can enjoy into the rich greenery in the midst of the showers for the duration of the day, particularly in July. Essentially, trekking isn't as simple as in the late spring due to the extraordinary atmosphere. Watch out for leeches and intermittent elephant visits. 

Paithalmala Hilltop: The lookout tower is observed at the incredible Rainstorm is trailed by a cool atmosphere in Paithalmala and the grass encompassing the slopes develop to their fullest size, making it hard to an excursion through. As they develop over seven feet, finding the standard way turns into a troublesome errand. By December, the backwoods guardians set fire to the grass, dealing with whatever is left of the timberland, to back out the trekking background. Not long after this, the slope winds up unacceptable to trek due to the dark sooth shaped however gathers up following two or three weeks. The best time for a trek is from January to March however the sun may be cruel.